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Dr. Arthur Banton is an interdisciplinary historian of the 20th century United States with interests and specializations in African American, Sport, Urban History, and Popular Culture. He completed a Ph.D. in American Studies from Purdue University in 2016. Dr. Banton also holds an MFA in Media Arts from the City College of New York.

Dr. Banton is an Assistant Professor of History at Tennessee Technological University and the founder and coordinator of the Race and Ethnic Studies minor. He previously taught at Middle Tennessee State University, Purdue University and Baruch College.

He just completed “When Doves Cry: A soundtrack to the complexity of black urban life., masculinity, and the Minneapolis sound” in the forthcoming edited volume PrincEnlighteNmenT: A Study of Society through Music (University of Mississippi Press, 2022). He also published “Basketball, Books, and Brotherhood: DeWitt Clinton High School as a scholastic Model of Postwar Racial Progression and African American Leadership” in the Journal of Higher Education Athletics & Innovation.


Dr. Banton is presently working on a book manuscript on the first racially integrated College basketball team to win the national championship and how it provided a social and cultural model of interracial cooperation. In support of this endeavor, he was awarded a Short-Term research fellowship (2021-22) at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.


Dr. Banton is a specialist on the History of Title IX and Women in Sport.

He has lectured on a variety of related topics on this subject, most recently for the Women’s Center, Title IX 50th anniversary at Tennessee Technological University.


He has taught courses in American History, Sport History, Popular Culture Studies, The Black Athlete, African American Cinema, and Urban History.


In his spare time, Dr. Banton dabbles in photography, jogs, indulges in a good movie, and spins vinyl.

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